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Vital Septic Tank Pumping in Belknap County, NH and the Lakes Region

Avoid costly repairs and replacement with regular septic tank pumping from our company in Laconia, New Hampshire. When you smell an odor or notice that the ground is soft or wet near your leach field, call Able Septic at (603) 528-2783 immediately. We specialize in septic pumping for municipal, industrial, commercial, and residential properties.
Residential Drain System — Septic System Service in Laconia, NH

Commercial Services

Maintain proper operation of your septic system with regular pumping. Tanks fill with sludge and other materials that cause corrosion in the holding tanks and damage pipes and property. Furthermore, the surrounding environment is at risk of becoming contaminated.
Instead of shutting down your business to fix the problem, take proactive measures toward proper maintenance with Able Septic. Pumping frequency depends on your volume. Call us at (603) 528-2783 today for a recommendation.

Residential Services

Increase the efficiency and life of your home septic system with our residential tank pumping. We recommend this service be performed at least every two years to maintain your pipes, tanks, and leach field.
Contact Able Septic in Laconia, New Hampshire, to enjoy a safe and pleasant environment.