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Trusted Septic Inspection, Repair, & Installation in Belknap County, NH and the Lakes Region

Set your liquid waste system up for success with sewer and septic inspection, repair, and installation from Able Septic in Laconia, New Hampshire. Our team has the experience, skill, and tools to identify potential problems and develop a plan to repair the damage.
Septic Tank — Septic System Installation in Laconia, NH
Through a thorough physical examination, we locate any cracks, leaks, crushed pipes, punctures, and invading roots that are damaging your pipes or tank. We then set out to fix the damage with reliable septic repair. Able Septic is fully equipped to excavate your septic tank or leach field and repair/replace tanks, pipes, and linkages with minimal disruption to your property.

Baffle Repair & Replacement

Every septic tank features an inlet and outlet with baffles. The inlet baffle prevents waste water from flowing back up into your home. The outlet baffle prevents waste from spilling out into you leach field from your tank.

Septic Tank Extensions

If your tank is very deep underground, servicing can be costly due to the man hours to access. We sell and install septic tank extensions. They are a plastic or concrete cover extensions that brings your cover access closer to the surface of the ground or even above ground if desired! This is a great option for Commercial and Residential customers.
Contact us in Laconia, New Hampshire, to be confident in your liquid waste system with septic installation from Able Septic.